EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko: a closer acquaintance

EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko: a closer acquaintance

These days a great number of people are willing to earn money on the stock market. However, they are unable to do it without a broker. The choice of the right broker is as important for a trader as the level of his stock trading knowledge.

Working on the stock market, the EXANTE brokerage company has earned a good reputation. It’s a choice of many investors. It can be explained by many reasons. One of them is the broker’s advanced trading platform. Read this EXANTE broker review to find out more.

EXANTE trading terminal

EXANTE is one of the few brokers in the international market that offers a trading platform of its own development. The platform is available in three versions: browser, desktop, and mobile.

The main advantages of this platform are a single trading account and a multilingual interface. It’s simple and logical. Those who have already worked with the Metatrader will be pleasantly surprised because everything is intuitive in the EXANTE platform.

In this terminal, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. First of all, we should note the classification of all financial instruments that the developer has put together in groups: futures, stocks, bonds and so on.

In each group, one can find financial instruments from different markets. In general, the EXANTE broker gives customers access to 50+ trading sites of the world.

Trading takes place via a single account. So, you can use just one account to trade this rich variety of assets. When working with the platform, the necessary instrument can be hooked, easily moved to the chart (by dragging and dropping) and watch how the price changes. To quickly place or remove market orders, you don’t even need to use dialog boxes. You can do everything in one click. For example, to create a purchase order, click the "buy" button in the column opposite the suitable price. The application will instantly move to the corresponding window. By clicking on the symbol "x" you can delete your application. Such pleasant trifles allow professional traders to work with great ease without being distracted by unnecessary manipulations.

Portfolio investors can also take advantage of a number of interesting features. For example, they can make a deal with several financial instruments grouped into a basket. Moreover, traders who like algorithmic trading can use the integration module with the TSLab software package. The “Account” module contains a calendar icon. It allows you to quickly view the results of any trading day. Just select a date and the system will display a report on completed transactions.

The EXANTE platform supports a high-speed data transfer protocol. Not all major brokers work with this protocol, while EXANTE provides its customers with this option for free.

Another unique feature that distinguishes the platform from what is offered by the broker’s counterparts is the availability of options boards with the calculation of the special coefficients that reflect changes in the value of an option in relation to the price of the underlying asset.

Deposit and withdrawal

Needless to say, deposit and withdrawal are one of the first things traders are willing to know when deciding whether they should work this particular broker or not. Perhaps, you think that EXANTE founded by Anatoly Knyazev offers many ways to deposit your trading account. However, it’s not true.

It’s possible to deposit an account with a broker only by bank transfer. All European brokers can use only this deposit method. The transfer is processed by the bank for no more than 5 business days.

You can also withdraw money from the trading account only by bank transfer. The broker does not have a minimum threshold for withdrawing funds. To withdraw any amount you need to pay a fixed fee of 30 euros or dollars. By the way, the bank can take a commission from the withdrawn amount, and it depends on which bank you work with. If you want to withdraw money, then first you need to fill out an application for withdrawal. Here you need to specify the following data:

· The amount to withdraw;

· Your account number;

· The name of the recipient (of course, it’s yours since you can’t withdraw money to third-parties);

· The bank details, so that the broker can learn where to send the money;

· Swift and IBAN.

EXANTE started by Knyazev processes the application during the day. The client can receive money the next day. However, given that banks can process a payment within 5 business days, you can wait for your money for a whole week.

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