Dr. Gail’s Favorite Picks

Everyone deserves for health to be easy and convenient. With products like these, your wellness goals become a reality!

1. B-12 Energy Patch by Healthy Habits

B-12 deficiencies can leave you with low energy/fatigue, sexual problems, muscle pain, hearing issues, heart dysfunction, blood sugar spikes, equilibrium instability, weak bones, irritability, vision problems,memory loss, diminished brain function, emotional/mood problems, breast health. A good B 12 supplement prevents all of this!


The key to protecting, repairing, and replacing cells is a specialized set of molecules: Redox Signaling molecules. Your own body makes them, every minute of every day. But as we get older, our bodies get less efficient at the process. How can this be fought? With the world’s only Redox Signaling supplement: ASEA.

3. Pashen Bars

Invented by Lisa Wilson , a nutritionist mom, in response to the not-so-healthy treats and snacks she found lurking everywhere from sports practice to school lunches, Pashen bars are made by hand in Minnesota by Lisa’s sister and brother, Wendy and Pol, using the highest quality, freshest ingredients like rich cacao (raw chocolate), antioxidant-filled goji berries, and locally harvested honey.


This is raw, sugar-free, superfood, vegan, organic, fair trade, allergen-free chocolate. It’s not even dessert, it’s a health food! These chocolates don’t effect your blood sugar or your waist line. Plus they give you amazing energy!

5. Organic Excellence’s Natural Progesterone (Feminine Balance Therapy)

Feminine Balance Therapy is a Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. It safely and effectively restores healthy progesterone levels to create hormonal balance and ease the symptoms associated with PMS, perimenopause, and menopause.

Feminine Balance Therapy is especially helpful for women with an excess of estrogen or “estrogen dominance”. Chemical free with select organic herbs, it is formulated to bring excellent results to adult women of all ages.

6. Magnesium Lotion by Ancient Minerals

Formulated for even the most sensitive individuals, Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion is designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, direct to the cells.

Rich in organic plant moisturizers including coconut oil and shea butter, this lotion soothes and hydrates without leaving your skin feeling waxy or greasy.

7. Liquid Light By Sun Warrior

Liquid Light Ionic Trace Mineral Supplement Formula by Sunwarrior contains all of the trace elements and minerals found in living systems, and necessary for optimum health and nutrition. Over 65 trace minerals. 32 Oz. Bottle.

8. Wildcrafted Goji Berries by OJIO

We believe that good health is essential to happiness, so we are committed to sourcing foods that promote the highest levels of physical well-being – foods from the most mineral-rich, nutrient dense, micro-environments and growing regions on earth. You’ll love the great taste, and the healthy benefits will assure you that Ojio is the best choice for you and your family. We are proud to offer the world’s most beneficial foods.

9. doTerra Oils

doTerra Essential Oils are the safest, purest essential oils you can find today. They are wonderful to aid certain illnesses or discomforts or to be used in aromatherapy. From lavender for relaxation to oregano to help fight a cold, essential oils have many ways to improve your health.