Individual Coaching

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Dr. Gail offers one-to-one coaching in person, by phone, and by skype to give you the individual assistance you need to change your health and wellness.

Whether in person or on phone, Dr. Gail gives you the personal attention you need to:

  • Set goals
  • Learn the tools you need for health
  • Gain the support and confidence to make change
  • Follow through every week
  • See results!
One-to-one coaching happens every other week. You and Gail sit down together or spend an hour in the kitchen mastering the skills and mindset that you need to live a fantastic, healthy life.

With your one-to-one coaching program, you receive:

  • 12 one hour sessions with Dr. Gail (every other week)
  • Handouts and recipes to go with every session
  • Giveaways to get you on you way
  • Between session email support

With individual coaching you will:

  • E6 Reach your ideal weight
  • Gain energy
  • Feel better in your skin
  • Prevent disease
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Improve your relationship to food
  • Establish a routine exercise regimen
  • Feel confident in living a healthy life


If you want to work with a health and wellness expert and get put your health on track in the right direction, set up a consultation with Dr. Gail and start living better!