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V__B631 While Washington is fixated on fixing the debt, Americans are dying sooner than citizens in other individual nations. According to the 2013 Senior Report, “In the next 15 years, America’s senior population will grow by 50%. People are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately,
while we are living longer lives, we are seeing poorer health among people aging into their senior years.” We know that minorities and the poor have the worst health and shorter lives but the problems affect all Americans adversely.

According to the Census Bureau, over 13 % of the American population is over the age 65. By 2030, that number will rise to nearly 20% of the population, with over 2% of the population over 85. What we don’t want and can’t afford are millions of older people with chronic disease. Shouldn’t we investigate why those Americans who reach age 85 enjoy such exceptional longevity? This kind of biomedical research will ensure that as we grow older we will live healthier longer.

Here is what USA Today December 11, 2011 “USA is living longer but sicker” had to say:“There is no way that this country can possibly afford the medical care costs and consequences of these preventable chronic illnesses,” says Tuckson. We have two freight trains headed directly into each other unless we take action now. People have to be successful at taking accountability for their own health related decisions.”

This is what led to the creation of Healthy Life Begins. Healthy Life Begins is a nonprofit organization that empowers individuals and families to develop and maintain total wellness through proper nutrition, exercise, healthy relationships, the right career choices and spiritual well being. We offer classes, books, speaking engagements and media educational programs to teach individuals the difference between the Standard American Diet and the benefits of a Plant Based Diet that our cells recognize as real nutrition. In the Standard American Diet there is no nutrition and your cells are starving telling you to eat more and this is when we see the weight gain and eventually illness. It’s all about changing ones mindset. People generally do not like change but when they can feel and see the difference then we are on to something. The Healthy Life Begins team will coach individuals toward the lifestyle God intended. We must let food be our medicine in its most natural form.

When food is cooked you lose 30 % of the nutrients and 100% of the natural enzymes which facilitate digestion. Cooking food chemically changes the molecular structure of the raw plant and the body is forced to work overtime to overcome the loss of the food enzymes. As we age, production of digestive enzymes usually diminish in quantity and nutrition may suffer. Enzymes are responsible for every action in our body. Although the body produces some enzymes it needs help from the food we ingest. Uncooked food is just easier for the body to digest and assimilate. A good balance of raw plant food in your diet is a must.

When people think of plant food they think of rabbit food, carrots and celery. They don’t know how delicious, nourishing and flavorful living food really is. Once you taste it, you will be hooked. The preparation is different but easy and enjoyable. Following a recipe does not have to be exact. You get to add your own special touch. There is so much flexibility with raw food preparation. We tap into creative skills we did not know we had. When people know better they do better. Why get caught with an illness that you can avoid now. Prescription drugs are not the solution. There is no magic pill for disease as much as we would like it to be. But there is a place for good nutrition and other lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference.

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