Fortunate For The Rawfood Lifestyle

Challenges I overcame with the raw food diet and lifestyle

I made a responsible decision to change my way of eating and thinking 10 years ago. I first started with adding a salad with one of my meals. My body began to crave more salad so I added it twice a day. I use to think salads were boring but over the years, I have become very creative trying different greens and tasty homemade dressings. Because of my busy schedule, at this time I maintain an 85% raw diet instead of 100%. The other 15% comes from grains and legumes which gives me a little more flexibility.

However, there are challenges in trying to maintain this lifestyle. When I travel, I do a google search of the city and I try to locate vegan restaurants that have raw food on their menu. I also look for Health Food Markets or a Whole Foods. So far, so good. I always prepare some snacks, salads or fruits ahead of time to take with me.

Eating out with friends socially can be challenging at times so I will usually just eat before I go. I have gotten to place that I would rather not eat out because I Iike my own food and I know what is in it. So there are times I will just invite people over and everyone brings a dish, preferably what they like to eat. Holidays with family can be hard since I feel like my diet is not considered much when it comes to planning the menu. I feel like my family thinks I am difficult. But all I want to do is be healthy as I grow older. So I have started bringing some of my favorite dishes so that I can ensure I have food I like to eat. The polite thing to do is share but most often they are not interested and I don’t take it personally.

Learning not to be offended about my lifestyle choices was hard for me at first. I felt like I was the weird one of the bunch but later realized something about myself. I had the discipline that most people lack. If their bodies could feel an increase in energy, better moods, easier digestion and that radiant glow, and weight loss, they would never go back to that toxic lifestyle! One day they will catch on but until then I will just keep sharing the love of real food and loving me!