EMR And The Effects On The Body

How Much EMF Are You Exposed To?

We are constantly bombarded with new cool electronic gadgets. From phones to wearable gadgets with bluetooth, it’s getting to be crazy, and it may be affecting our health. You may be asking yourself what all this means. For most of human civilization our forefathers lived more in contact with the earth: walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground, and depending on the earth to sustain them. We are more disconnected from the earth now than ever before in human history. Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and Yogic tradition understand this electromagnetic energy. When our bodies soak up the earth’s electrons, it triggers physical changes in our body.

For example, our blood flow improves which is linked to overall good health and longevity. Our body systems communicate with each other constantly by way of electrical impulses. Our cells are made up of tiny negatively charged particles called electrons. We are electrical beings and when our voltage is out of whack, our body has a harder time performing routine functions.

Electromagnetic frequencies emitted by these man-made devices can be very dangerous to our health. As the growth of technology increases, our health is being damaged without our awareness or full understanding. This radiation from cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers and other sources can penetrate our bodies seriously compromising our health. EMF radiation has been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, miscarriages, brain tumors, and many others illnesses. While we cannot eliminate all these harmful influences, we can educate ourselves on this subject and take steps to minimize the negative impacts of everyday life. I began to read more about this subject when I was faced with major health challenges and took some much needed steps. Grounding therapy is not talked about much. It is not a new concept but more studies are starting to surface about its benefits. When I would go on vacation and walked barefoot on the beach, I noticed how good I felt. I slept better and had more energy. I was grounded back to the earth. I began to take a closer look at my exposure to EMF’s and have instituted mechanisms to protect myself, my family, and my staff from its harmful effects.

Things to ponder: Are you ready to think out of the box that may help you eliminate disease and inflammation? Have you ever thought of yourself as ELECTRICAL? A great book I recommend to get you started is called “Ground Therapy” by Adelle LaBrec. Will you begin to take back your health in this New Year? Have you ever thought about the harmful effects you could be getting from your cell phone, computer, or TV? If we were not electrical this all would be a mute point. There are amazing benefits you can receive from grounding therapy. It is a very complex subject so I hope you take the time to read about it and improve your quality of life. This concept is called Earthing. Look it up and reconnect back to planet Earth. Make the investment and live longer! There is no one more important than you!