Dr Davis 41

How much my raw diet means to me?

I want you to know that I am truly committed to my raw diet. I am so committed that when I am invited to a banquet or when I go to a conference luncheon, I will call ahead to find out how I can get a special meal prepared. All I require is a nice large raw salad with lots and lots of veggies. These accommodations are usually met with no problem. The salad dressing is usually pretty simple, olive oil and lemon. Now, I have been known to carry my own spices and sometimes a hearty raw salad dressing. When the waiter brings around the desserts, I am prepared because I have prepared something yummy I already have with me.

So you might me asking yourself, doesn’t she get tired of salads and the answer is NO! My body craves salad and raw veggies. I probably eat salads twice a day. My cells get incredibly happy.

The next question you might be asking yourself is, does she keeps desserts in her purse and whips them out at the table? The answer is depends on the setting! I will locate the waiter at my particular table and let him or her know about my restricted diet. I give them the dressing or dessert I have brought to bring out with my food. It works like a charm. When people see I have something different it opens up an opportunity to educate people on the importance of letting food be your medicine and telling my story of how I got on this journey.

Now we know that eating is such a social thing and it can be offensive to some especially if you are visiting in someone’s home for a party. The remedy to this is to bring a couple of dishes and a dessert to contribute. The hostess will love you for this and usually they will already know about your dietary needs. I can honestly say, I get more support when I am gathering with friends than my own family for the holidays. I have learned to accept it and just take care of myself first! This is why I am healthy taking no meds at 52!