Mini Kits for Babies Eight Months Old — Develop and Play with the Baby Safely

Many children are interested in moving around and learning about the world. At the age of 8 months, all the child's adventures must be safe and help him develop. You can help him in his games by purchasing a special Montessori kit designed from the best materials, especially for children of this age.

Most babies use the Pikler Triangle, part of the Montessori play sets for 8 months olds, as they want to discover the world. A triangle with a bar can be suggested if your child can safely crawl and climb at least 10 cm. The Pikler triangle is also interesting for older children already walking and are not yet late.

While playing this game, children under 5-6 years old love to play with Pikler's triangle. Nevertheless, the Pikler Triangle itself is a motor challenge for children under three. When combined with other climbing gear such as chicken ladders or wall bars, this can also be challenging for kids up to four. When opting for the new set of ground-breaking furniture made of top-quality wood, always bear in mind the age of your child. That way, it will be easier to find the appropriate piece of furniture.

How to choose a Montessori set

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is worth focusing on some factors:

  • When choosing a height, you should select an average one.
  • Small triangles only make sense indoors.
  • Too large a triangle carries too much risk of injury when sliding or climbing upside down.
  • When the children have learned to climb, the height no longer matters. Therefore, the size is about 70 m. 80 cm ideal for home use.

For the home, it makes sense to select a climbing triangle that can be folded together to save space. Pay attention to the safe folding system. Additional angles that need to be adjusted can create different climbing difficulties.

Sets with triangles: features

Pikler triangle is a climbing device made of wood with rungs for indoor use. The climbing triangles are specially tailored to the needs of children. For example, the thickness of the rungs ensures that they are easy to grip with children's hands and that children can hold onto them so well. The inclined slope enables the children to gain climbing experience in a healthy posture and thus to rediscover and challenge their motor skills.

The Pikler triangle promotes motor skills, a sense of balance, talent, and imagination. Even if Emmy Pikler described how children acquire the triangle and which developmental stages children go through when climbing up and down, every child has their way of getting to know it.

There is a perfect solution for each parent that will delight every child: the combination triangle with a slider for children from crawling age. The potential of the climbing triangle is fully revealed only with a slide.