Are You Ready To Eat Superfoods

Ready To Add Superfoods To Your Diet?

First of all, let’s define SUPERFOODS. This special category of foods is found in nature. They are calorie sparse and nutrient dense. They are superior sources of antioxidants and essential nutrients making them easier to absorb than vitamin pills. They offer more protection against cancer, heart disease and many other chronic conditions. There is so much concern today on the quality of foods grown on our mineral depleted soils making superfoods a great choice.

According to David Wolfe, Superfoods are foods that have a dozen or more unique properties. They are both a food and a medicine. They have the ability to increase the vital force energy of one’s body, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality and cleansing and alkalinizing the body. Superfoods meet and exceed all of our protein requirements, our vitamin and mineral requirements, essential fatty acid requirements and so much more. Since there is more nutrition and less eating it makes it easier to achieve your ideal weight. They work in the human body in ways that scientists have not yet begun to fully understand.

Let’s take a look at David Wolfe’s list of the 10 top Superfoods:
1. Goji berries—fountain of youth
2. Cacao–raw chocolate
3. Maca–grown in the Andes known as an aphrodisiac
4. Bee products–honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis
5. Spirulina–exist in various lakes and waterways across the earth
6. Super blue-green algae–forms the basis of the food chain
7. Marine phytoplankton–the basis of all life
8. Aloe Vera–creates digestive wellness
9. Hempseed–superfood of the future
10. Coconuts–a giant seed of the coconut palm

Other Superfoods that are also wonderful and could make your list include:
Acai—an ancient antioxidant purple berry from the amazon rainforest in Brazil
Camu Camu Berry–superior source of vitamin C from the South American rainforest
Chlorella–highest known chlorophyll content
Incan berries–a wild superfruit grown in the Peruvian Andes
Kelp–the most abundant iodine rich sea vegetable
Noni— a Polynesian superfruit
Yacon Root–a prebiotic sunflower grown from Columbia to northwest of Argentina

Things to ponder: I use most of these Superfoods mentioned above. While there are many everyday superfood lists advertised, I find these are exotic and unique. So I must recommend David Wolfe’s book on Superfoods. It goes into much detail about each of these superfoods along with great recipes. My favorite places to order my Superfoods from are,, or Are you ready to transform your life? Are you ready to experience real anti-aging effects in your body? Are you ready to experiment and be creative? I like to make notes in my journal of how my body feels when I use these Superfoods. This is a lot of information but much needed. Be the best you by adding these Superfoods to your diet! What do you have to lose?