Start Off (2015) Happier and Healthier Living in the Raw!

The Raw Food Institute— the award-winning educational dietary immersion and detoxification center — will host a week-long, live immersion retreat at the historic Simsbury Inn in Simsbury, Conn. January 4-January 10 and March 29-April 4.

Founded in 2009 by health and nutrition counselor Lisa Wilson, The Raw Food Institute offers resources, online-courses as well as live seven-day immersion retreats that promote healthier, happier living through a plant-based raw food diet.

The week long retreat attracts participants from around the world. Guests will be led through a week of learning by Wilson and her colleagues, from expert guest speakers, hands-on food demonstrations and workshops, while undergoing a one-week supervised detoxification of their own. Topics include juicing, easy-to-make raw food recipes and do-it-yourself sprouting. Massage, yoga, meditation and luxurious touches like nightly facials round out the experience.

“Our retreat is designed for anyone seeking training in raw food nutrition and detoxification or for those experiencing major health events or life changes. We break everything down so that novices and advanced students alike can see life-changing results after their time with us,” said Lisa Wilson, founder, The Raw Food Institute.

At The Raw Food Institute, anyone can learn how to incorporate healthy eating practices into a daily regimen — as a portion or an entire diet — through its award-winning resources. Its goal is to increase confidence in incorporating a raw food lifestyle, while helping detoxification and increasing energy.

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To learn more, visit The Raw Food Institute or call 888-799-9147

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