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What Are Superfoods And Why Do We Need Them?

Guest Post by friend Kenzie at (Amazing Raw Chocolate Bars)

In this crazy world we live in it’s easy to get stuck eating quick food with little nutrition. It’s also easy to get trapped by the processed food industry – even with so called “health food!” There is a lot to look out for when browsing the supermarket shelves, including: preservatives, added sugar, food colorings, and GMOs.

Even with fruits and vegetables- we’re seeing less nutrition in every bite we take. Through nutrient-depleting farming mechanisms (such as not-rotating crops and using destructive pesticides) and genetic engineering of our food, we are depleting the nutrient levels of our foods. Apples are sweeter, bananas are less starchy, and greens are less bitter. As the composition changed, so did the nutritional value. None of the fruits and vegetables we eat have as many nutrients as the produce our ancestors ate.

This can make shopping at a basic supermarket kind of scary – if all of the nutrition of our food has been conveniently farmed away, where are we going to get necessary nutrition to keep us from getting sick, and better yet, make us live our best lives?

The answer is Superfoods.
And while “superfood” is often used as a marketing tool for tons nutrient-rich foods, it is much more than eating fruits and vegetables.

What are superfoods?Generally, superfoods are defined as: “A food considered especially nutritious or otherwise beneficial to health and well-being.” Scientifically, it has to do with a measure of antioxidants. Measured by using the ORAC scale.

The higher the level of antioxidants and the higher the number of the ORAC scale, the more powerful it is in fighting disease, preventing serious illness, rebuilding cells, and building strength in every area of your body.

Here are some of my favorite superfoods:

Goji Berries
Acai Berries
Camu Camu
Chia and Hemp Seeds
Chaga and Reishi Mushroom
Maca Root
Bee Pollen
…and so many more!

Many of these foods can be easily added to a superfood smoothie or added on top of yogurt, granola, or trail mix. All of these can also be found in my superfood chocolate bars .
Superfoods are extremely necessary in our increasingly toxic and sick world. They are our most powerful tool to fortifying our health and expanding our wellbeing.

Have fun experimenting and finding your favorite superfoods! Over the coming month Dr. Gail will talk more in depth about which foods are Superfoods and they can help you achieve your best health.

Keep making fantastic strides in your health!
– Kenzie Harrick, CHHC