10 Holistic Tips for a Life-Long Healthy Gut

This week, I want to share these 10 useful holistic tips provided by the certified Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Nathan Batallion, PhD, that will help us keep our guts healthy:

  1. Follow an Alkaline/Anti-inflammatory, Plant based Diet: A plant based diet offers the body what it needs most, lower caloric and higher nutrient intake.
  2. Eat Organic Raw Whole Living Foods: These foods promote strong vibrant living, bringing in whole seasonally grown, organic raw-living high nutritional density foods.
  3. Drink Ample Water: Since water makes up 70% of our body and conducts nutrients into our intestines and later our bloodstream, we should not let ourselves become dehydrated.
  4. Maintain Clean Gut Vessels: Without clean small intestinal arteries, our gut’s digestion processes cannot best nurture us.
  5. Maintaining Healthy Gut Nerves: The gut is sometimes referred to as the second brain being replete with many nerve cells.
  6. Keeping Up Intracellular Health: Our life force lives inside our cells, and to keep those reaches healthy we need water or alkaline liquids, and not too much salt or sugar in our diet to maintain a balanced intra-cellular fluid flow.
  7. Gut Exercises: Aerobic exercises overall help the flow of the vital forces. As the lungs fill up with deep breathing, the gut muscles contract which helps boost the metabolic rate.
  8. Giving the Gut Ample Rest: The gut is constantly working for us and thus needs to rest. We can have an all-liquid day once a week. We can lighten our meals. Getting extra sleep, lowering our stress level in our lives will also help give the gut a well-deserved rest.
  9. Seasonal Gut Fasting: Juice fasting is a high intensity rest for the gut if done seasonally and for at least a few days with proper guidance from a health professional. This can strengthen the gut’s digestive functioning by eliminating accumulated toxins.
  10. Enlivening the Gut’s Microbiome: Our body contains nearly 10 trillion microbes. The GI tract contains 70-80% of the cells that activate our immune system. So we must take care of the gut ecology by avoiding antibiotics and synthetics, which kill good bacteria in our gut. Supplementing with probiotics helps nurture this invaluable microbiome.

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.