The Formula for Health According to Paul Nison

Paul describes the choice he had to make between his unhealthy Standard American Diet and his illness. He had to be willing to let go of the poor food choices or continue on that path that would lead him to drugs and surgery as a way of life. The raw vegan diet is what he calls the Formula for Health. This formula is: power-destruction=vitality. Another way to look at this formula is health-disease=wellness.

The raw food diet is not a cure-all. It must be done with wisdom. The key factor here is improving digestion and having great gut health. This means eating foods that have most of what the body needs (nutrients) while using the least amount of energy for your body to process them. In addition, chewing your food well and not eating late at night will help assure that you are giving your body the best chance for great digestion and ultimately, wonderful gut health.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are healing and building. However, not all raw foods are the same. Many raw food recipes and raw food snacks that are not combined correctly can cause a big issue with your digestion. Learning and understanding proper food combining is really important.

Another important factor to help improve gut health that many people miss is to learn not to eat when stressed. Stress interferes with the digestion of food. The body has an amazing power to adapt to things going on around us. When you are stressed out it is best to just fast and not eat. A juice fast is perfect, a beautiful glass of high-nutrient liquid. Vibrant health is so valuable. It may be hard at first to give up those unhealthy junk foods but in time your taste buds will kick into gear in a whole new way!

If you have questions or just want to share your inputs on your struggles or successes to maintain a healthy gut, we would like to hear about you and your experiences. Please feel free to share them with us.

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