Back To School

12 Back To School Tips for Kids And Parents

This week, we think it is appropriate to share some back to school tips for a smooth transition to the brand new school year. You will notice all the tips have a common root: “planning.” Planning and being proactive will make it easier for parents to manage their households, children’s schedule and their own, and at the same time enjoy the process and beautiful blessing of being a parent. On the other hand, planning and being proactive are training the children on skills and habits that will serve them in their adult and professional life; thus, for their lifetime. We identify twelve important back to school tips:

  1. Organize your morning the night before. Plan your week one weekend ahead

  2. Make healthy nutritious breakfasts and pack well-balanced lunches

  3. Label your children’s belongings

  4. Use an academic planner to track your children’s assignments, deadlines, and appointments

  5. Adjust your children’s sleep schedule a week prior to starting school (8-9 hours)

  6. Remind your children to drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Invest in a water bottle and label it with their name

  7. Remove all electronics from your children’s room an hour or two before bedtime

  8. Establish family time “daily” to check in with your kids. Block that time on your calendar if necessary

  9. Reward your kids throughout the year for good grades, attitude, and different accomplishments, etc

  10. Train them on the importance of time management when helping them with their homework

  11. Manage your kids’ load of activities. Try not to overburden them with too many activities especially in different fields

  12. Design a specific work space where their school items will go at the end of the day when they come home for easier accessibility

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