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  • Green Smoothie

    The Benefits of a Green Smoothie

    According to McKel from Nutrition Stripped “The Benefits of a Green Smoothie” 1. Easy to digest! Because the raw/frozen fruits and raw greens have been blended, the cell walls where nutrients are encased, are then “broken”. Blending essentially makes the nutrients more readily available for …

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  • Mint Essential Oil

    Miso Salad Dressing with Wild Orange Essential Oil

    Here is one of my all time favorite salad dressings using a wild orange essential oil. Ever since I started trying essential oils in my recipes, my raw food creations have reached a new level in taste. This recipe even makes a great sauce. It …

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  • Turmeric

    The Benefits of the Turmeric Spice in the Body

    Turmeric is eaten as a food both raw and cooked throughout Asia. While turmeric root looks much like ginger root, it is less fibrous and is more chewable, crunchy, and succulent. The exact origin of turmeric is not known but it is believed to be …

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