New Year Reolutions 1

Another Year, Another Resolution: Try New Things

Change can be good. However, fear of the unknown can set in because we don’t know the outcome. Just start out simple. For example: SMILING and LAUGHING more. Did you know that smiling and laughing actually release endorphins. Endorphins are good feeling hormones. They relax the body contributing to a stronger immune system. What about being more PATIENT. It can lower your blood pressure. Learning to take a deep breath through the process is helpful. Try JOURNALING daily to help reflect back on your life which can give you a sense of gratitude. Take note of how your body is feeling during the process of trying these new things. Try a NEW DISH that you have never tried before. Experiment with food in a new way. You may be the type that never takes a real lunch break. Do yourself a favor and take that time for you. Really spend time CHEWING your food for better digestion. TREAT YOURSELF BETTER this year. Do something special for yourself monthly. What about HOUSE RULES this year? Once you come into your home or sanctuary limit the use of your computer, iPhone , iPad. Set a time for no more tech stimulation.

My personal experience:
I treat myself to a massage or some other spa treatment monthly. I wanna be good to me because I deserve it. I smile and laugh more at others and I have noticed more eye contact, smiles and conversation like never before. Journaling has helped me reflect back on how truly blessed I am even when life beats me down. It also helps me look at my accomplishments each year. Taking my hour lunch break, sitting down and really connecting with my food makes me feel less bloated. Even though I am single at this time, I still have established house rules. I treat my home like a sanctuary. Everyone who visits knows shoes come off at the door. Footies are provided of course. I love trying new healthy dishes that fit my diet especially when I get the opportunity to travel outside of the country. I spend more time sitting and chewing my food without any other stimulation like TV, computer or a lot of conversation. I like to honor my body with proper nourishment after I have been plugging away all day. Having more patience is still hard for me but deep breathing helps me get through it. I can feel my body getting tense so more laughing and smiling is a must for me! IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!