New Year Resolution 2

Another Year, Another Resoluton: Lose Weight

There is always another great diet to try that guarantees weight loss. Every year there are more books written on how to lose weight. I have great news, ” losing weight is easier than you think.” But how can this be? Simply making a conscious effort to change your diet will cause the weight to just fall off. I am not kidding, you lose weight without trying. So let ‘s make an effort this year to eliminate some unhealthy foods in the diet and replace them with healthier ones. For example: All processed foods add to weight gain. These include white flour and white sugar products. Highly refined carbs lead to insulin surges which create more hunger and therefore fat is accumulated in the tissues. Being more conscious of the food labels is very important. I challenge you too look up some of those ingredients and see what you are really eating. If the list of ingredients is too long or you cannot pronounce the name then you don’t need to eat it. The fewer ingredients on the label the better.

Include more raw in your diet. You can just start with a salad at lunch and at dinner. Pile on the veggies and make your own healthy fat-free dressing. It really does not take that long. Make a green smoothie in the morning for breakfast. If you need a snack eat a piece of fruit. There are lots of recipes online so get creative this year. Find healthier versions of what might be some of your favorite foods and stay away from those vending machines!

My personal experience:
I feel so much better since I let go of all the processed foods. I have more energy, my skin glows and I am happier. I use to wonder why I always felt hungry 45 minutes later after eating. It seemed like it was never enough to eat. But when I switched to whole grains, more alkaline water, less meats, more fruits and veggies, I knew my cells were being fed because I felt less hungry. I had to make a conscious effort to do my own research because I wanted to know what I was eating and putting into my precious body. It may sound like a lot but what you don’t know could potentially harm you. I had to many experiences where I had gone to the doctor and they could not give me any kind of diagnosis and I walked away with a big bill and a prescription I had no intention of taking. The right kind of carbs will derail the insulin not making you overly hungry which makes for a healthy weight loss. Lose weight without even trying by making healthier and responsible choices this year. YOU CAN DO IT!