How To Eat Clean At A Party But Not Stand Out

Eating at Parties Without Standing out like a Sore thumb

There are so many fun holidays to give us a reason to celebrate and socialize. None of us want to appear difficult or picky. But nowadays, I think people generally think about accommodating the guests they will be serving. A lot of people are vegan/vegetarians, have food allergies or have to be very careful with gluten. I like to use these opportunities to show off some of my favorite delicious raw food dishes that people could try and hopefully fall in love with. Desserts and Salads are always a big hit. I would probably bring a tasty Kale salad and choose a dessert that has no nuts such as chocolate mint macaroons. Most people are enjoying the taste so much that they don’t realize they are eating raw. A nice warm quinoa dish with chopped vegetables is also a nice option. At most parties, I think there will be a vegetable tray to nibble on. You may want to whip up your own sauce or dip to accompany those raw veggies to avoid the dairy or cream. Pulling that bottle out of your bag is not exactly polite so I would plan on making some for everyone to share.

For a super bowl or other sports event, a traditional salad may not go over big. Finger food is usually what’s served. I would try to bring some dehydrated snack food and of course a dessert. You could try to sneak a tasty raw salad as part of the spread. Because of preparation time, you could just order some kale chips and other snack items on line and dress it up on a nice tray. If they don’t see the bag, they probably won’t know it is raw unless of course you tell them.

What will be a conversation piece is when others see what is on your plate. This is a great opportunity to share your story of why you have chosen to eat mainly a raw diet. You have to remember most people are very curious and like trying new foods. When people think of raw food, they think of a salad or maybe raw sushi, that is the extent of it. They really don’t know what this actually means. These dishes are an opportunity for people to try some different food items and hopefully fall in love with what real food taste like. I think most people are not disciplined to do what they need to do. People generally know they should not be eating certain foods or too much of certain foods. So when they meet someone who is disciplined, it convicts them. Fear is also a big element so I give you permission to be different and take care of your body. It really is OK!