Kids eating healthy

Healthy Raw Kids

To provide healthy nutrition for children, they need to eat a balanced diet including organic, raw, and local grown food. A well thought our lunch will give your child energy as well as the nutrients they need for mental stimulation and good concentration. Berries are a great favorite. You want to shoot for a high raw diet for your kids. While greens have a huge amount of nutrients, kids may not like greens such as kale. Those kids with sensitive taste buds could have a harder time with vegetables according to this study . This where green juices will be helpful. You can mask the greens with a fruit such as a frozen banana.

Summer is an exciting time to introduce new foods to your kids and gardening is a great way to make them apart of growing and eating their own food. They get to experiment and be a part of the process. School is out and there is no peer pressure. We must keep in mind that children need calories and good fats because they are still growing. So other foods to consider are steamed veggies, quinoa, brown rice, avocado, olive oil and flax oil on a regular basis. Making a weekly meal plan can help ensure that you’re giving them variety.

Let’s face it kids are drawn to bright colors, odd shapes and sweet juicy flavors. Raw food desserts are a great way to expose kids to the genuine taste of fresh fruit. The taste buds of a child are very different from adults since their palates are still developing. The delicious flavors of raw foods can steer them away from those unhealthy processed treats. Raw pudding for example is a wonderful kid friendly dessert. Getting kids to eat vegetables can be a real challenge for parents. But there are raw food recipes that can save the day. Check out and get your free e-book containing some healthy raw recipes for kids.

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