Replacing Toxic Cleaners

Household Cleaners Shouldn’t Be Toxic

What we breathe in is so important. The chemicals in air fresheners for example contain synthetics which can cause so many harmful effects to the body. Some of these include Benzyl alcohol, Camphor, Dichlorobenzene, Ethanol and Formaldehyde which really don’t eliminate the odor anyway. Essential oils have powerful properties with amazing benefits and leave behind only a wonderful aroma. They are extracted from plant sources, highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs. These include basil, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, and many others.

These food based natural air sprays are ideal if you have chemical and fragrance sensitivities. Green cleaning is not time consuming or expensive. It takes no time to fill a spray bottle with water, vinegar or vodka and a few drops of oil. Vinegar and vodka work great as air neutralizers. In other words, they eliminate odors. When you think about commercial cleaners not only are they toxic but can be very expensive. You can also use the recycling concept to store your cleaners. Washing those containers allows you to use them multiple times. Here are 2 simple cleaning recipes:

Air Freshening Spray

Pour 1 cup of filtered water into a clean spray bottle
2 tablespoons of undiluted and no-flavored or plain vodka
10 drops of 2 of your favorite oils=20 drops total (suggestions: lavender and lemon/orange and cinnamon/basil and peppermint)
Screw on the spray top and shake well


Pour 3 cups of filtered water into a clean spray bottle
Add 1 cup of white vinegar
30 drops of your favorite essential oil
Screw on the spray top and shake well

Note: While I was searching for the best images for this post and all of the ones I came across had people wearing gloves. You don’t need gloves to protect your hands with these formulas.