Fighting Stress

The Link Between Stress and Our Emotions

Stress is a process in which environmental demands strain our adaptive capacity resulting in psychological as well as biological changes that could place a person at risk for serious illness. Things that cause us stress are called stressors. These include life changes, life crisis, daily hassles and our emotions. Life as we know it is full of stress and it affects everyone. We cannot get away from it. It is actually a natural thing however chronic negative stress may be harmful to our health. When we are facing a stressful situation, like running from a thief, the body goes into a fight or flight reaction. In this reaction, the heart rate increases, breathing is accelerated and the muscles tense up. This is normal when we are in danger and there is a threat of some kind. Hormonal activity causes digestion to stop. Blood sugar levels increase so the heart can pump more blood to the muscles to allow you to get away from the threat. If stress persists, the body enters a second stage in which illness sets in.

Stress can suppress the immune system, lower the good cholesterol, and increase the bad cholesterol among other undesirable responses in the body that can lead to certain conditions. Did you know that our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can affect our level of stress? Our thoughts form the basis our beliefs, which give rise to our emotions, which ultimately drive our behavior. Our childhood experiences play a BIG role along with those important people who influenced us along the way. What we were told growing up replays over and over again in our minds influencing these thoughts. Other people can also dump their emotional toxins on you. So what is the solution???????

1. Take deep slow breaths often to relax and revitalize yourself

2. Do something every day that brings you joy leaving you refreshed

3. Exercise regularly

4. Learn how to say “NO”

5. Welcome change as an opportunity to learn and grow

6. Learn to delegate responsibility

7. Learn to prioritize what is most important

8. Take to time to enjoy God’s creation around you

9. Laugh more and don’t take yourself so seriously

10. Be good to yourself

11. Invite God to help you handle the given situation