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How To Get The Most Out Of What You Eat

Eat The Right Thing

1. Eat whole plant based food in its original state
2. Eat those whole foods that are satisfying and you enjoy
3. Avoid those foods that compromise your health

Eat At The Right Time And Under The Right Conditions

1. Always eat breakfast
2. Don’t eat late at night. Before 6:00 pm is best
3. Eat foods in season. Our bodies love variety
4. Don’t overeat even if it looks good
5. Don’t eat when you are upset, stressed or on the run

Eat In The Right Way And In The Right Combination

1. Learn and follow proper food combining
2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly (at least 20-25 times)
3. Wait until one mouthful is completed before eating more food
4. Don’t drink liquid while eating, it interferes with proper digestion

Eat With The Right Attitude And Purpose

1. Give God thanks before each meal
2. Plan ahead so you are not overwhelmed by the preparation
3. Do not eat for emotional comfort
4. Eat to live don’t live to eat
5. Don’t be afraid to try new raw recipes and share them
6. Note how good your body feels from the vibrational frequency of raw foods healing power