It’s Summer time…. A Perfect Time to Add More Raw into Your Diet

Summer is now upon us and seems to be a time when people eat lighter meals. This is a great time to experiment with more greens, fun foods and home-made salad dressings. Take your healthy eating to the next level. I eat a lot cabbage and collard rolls in the summer. They are so quick and easy to make and most of all they are filling! Different types of salad piled with your favorite veggies and dressing is so easy to put together. This is also a perfect time to experiment with different snacks. Before you know it you can be eating a 50% raw diet. Raw foods deliver such fresh nutrients in “live” form to your body.

Farmer’s markets are abundant in the summer, and this is your chance to be around beautiful, fresh produce that will inspire you to make raw dishes with all your new finds. It is great place to meet like-minded people. Summer is the best time to get together with friends. People love getting together around food. Hosting a raw food get together is a fun way to try new recipes and introduce others to this new way of eating. When the summer sun is blazing hot, the last thing you want to do is turn on the stove! There is no cooking with raw food!

Most people think raw food preparation is time consuming but it does not have to be. Organization is the key! Most of us would have no problem if we had our own personal chef that prepared meals for us daily. RIGHT? You don’t wanna eat salad and fruit every day for every meal to say you are 100% raw. You need more hearty raw meals with much variety and flavor. I get it! We are all sooooooooo busy these days and no one has time to do anything anymore! Eating raw and living foods is a lifestyle choice and summer is the perfect time for a raw introduction. Most people, including myself, are really very happy around 80% -85%. It really is entirely possible to look and feel great. What tends to happen is that the better you feel the more you want to explore how much better it can get and share it with others!

Raw food is special specifically because it is raw. By the very fact that it hasn’t been heat-treated, it is replete with everything that enables it to sprout and grow in the first place – life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins and minerals and so much more . Untouched, untainted, raw food is quite literally honest food – what you see is what you get. No hidden ingredients! Eating real food will be appealing to you and will transform your life! So don’t let summer go by when fruit and vegetables are plentiful, organic, cheap and tasty. You will lose the weight, keep it off and simply improve your overall health.

Let’s keep the conversation going! If you have questions on how to go on a raw diet, please let us know your fear, apprehension, and questions, and we will try to guide you to the best of our knowledge!