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My First Week of Eating Raw

People often ask me what is raw food and what did I notice in my body that was different. Raw food is basically a plant-based diet consisting of nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. It is more than just eating carrots and celery. It is all about creativity. Raw food is beautiful. Its colors are so vibrant. As a dentist, I obviously like using my hands. Now I take it a step further using my hands to create delicious raw food that my body recognizes as real nutrition.

My first week on a raw food diet was not pretty. I definitely felt like I got full faster which meant I didn’t need to eat as much. My skin broke out like I was in high school again. I did experience a headache or two. Drinking more alkaline water helped with that. My body was going through detox which is necessary to purge those toxins. My bowel movements were more frequent and gentle. I definitely noticed that I had more energy. My sleep was better but more importantly I did not need as much sleep. Depending on how toxic you are, the more intense the detoxification process.

My taste buds actually changed after a few months on raw foods. I had no desire for meat, dairy or processed food. Greens became my best friend. I noticed I was sick less and my skin began to glow. I have had to use no anti-aging formulas. Green juice daily is my secret formula. I also sensed that I was more connected with my body. My emotions are more balanced which is huge for me.

The detoxification process is not fun but necessary. It took a lifetime to build up all those toxins in your cells so just go through the process. It will be worth it! Most of us just wanna feel better and this is the only natural way. Go slow and drink lots of good alkaline water. As long as we live, we will need to cleanse our bodies to stay well. So hop on board and feel the freedom from prescription drugs.