How Are You Caring For Your Colon

Personal Experiences With Colon Cleansing

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From the Health Times International:

Toxins released and expelled: “I feel amazing. Food taste amazing. I sleep better and I have more energy.” Alice, Iowa

Can’t remember feeling this good: “I’m amazed at how much better I feel. I have more energy and am not hungry. I feel clearer and my sinuses are clear.” John, Missouri

Energy and mood much better: “My energy, mood, every part of my life is much better and my digestion is much improved.” Andrew, Texas

No flu or Sickness: “During the winter when everyone was getting the flu, and other sicknesses, it didn’t seem to bother me.” Von, Missouri

Sleeps more soundly: “I noticed my memory improved. I am not walking around in a daze and my concentration is much better. I also sleep more soundly.” Carol, Michigan

Allergies are gone: “Most of my allergies have been alleviated and I have loads more energy.” Denny, Kansas

Body is more In-Sync: “I feel better than I have in years. I feel as though my body is more insync with itself.” Bart, Indiana

Beautiful Skin, Sleeping better: “I have lots of energy, my skin is more soft and beautiful and I am sleeping better.” Sharon, Ohio

Comfortable movements: “I have always been slightly constipated. I love the comfortable bowel movements I experienced. The amount of waste I expelled during the first week was astounding. I lost 5 pounds and my bloated stomach.” Toni, Nebraska

Falls asleep faster: “My acne went from severe down to moderate. My chronic fatigue seems to be going away. My mind is becoming sharper. I used to take 2 hours to fall asleep now it takes 15-45 minutes at most.” Karrie, Washington