Recycling Is Good For The Environment

When we think about recycle, we need to consider the whole concept: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We recycle for the main four reasons:
1. To help keep the environment clean
2. To conserve materials
3. To save energy
4. To reduce waste in landfill

Recycling starts with our attitude!
Believe it or not, recycling starts with our attitude and mostly with the way we think. We need to realize each time we throw away a recyclable item that could be reused to make something new, we are creating waste and contribute to accumulation of waste in landfills. Each time we think recycling the smallest recyclable item does not make a difference, we are minimizing our influence on the environment as a human being.

What can we do to change our attitude towards recycling?

Every change starts with a decision and to start recycling, we need to make a conscious decision about it.
1. Start by setting apart a container for your recyclable items. When it is full, take it to your local store or local recycling center
2. If you do need it, do not buy it. If you must buy it, buy the item with the least packaging that is recyclable
3. Teach your household about recycling and train them to use your designated container. Get the children involved in the process. The sooner they know about recycling, the better
4. Encourage others in your circle to recycle
5. Return your refundable bottles to your local store. These five cents accumulate. By keeping the bottles, you are wasting your hard earned money because you got charged at point of sale. Then, if you throw them in the garbage, you become part of the problem creating more waste in the environment.
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