The Negative Impact Of Technology

Today, emails, iPhones, laptops, and cell phones dominate our modern world. As easy and convenient as they might be, they are wrecking our lives and the lives of our children. Below is a few truths about technology and its detrimental impact on our children’s lives and ours:

  1. According to the National Cancer Institute, the use of mobile phones could increase our risk of brain cancer

  2. Cuddling up with that laptop in bed or those late night phone conversations can keep us up till the wee hours taking a toll on our mental state

  1. Today’s children, irrespective of the age group, are using more technology than ever before. What happened to being a child and exploring all there is in being a child? Now, parents let their kids spend hours and hours on a digital gadgets. This lack of activity can easily lead to childhood obesity and create behaviors that can be carried through adulthood if the parents are not careful

  1. Overuse of mobile phones and computers can put a strain on the neck and/or back

  1. We spend most of our time glaring at laptops and cell phone screens. Prolonged screen-gazing can cause a long list of eye problems including burning sensations, changes in color perception and blurred vision

  1. Social media and the Internet strip one’s privacy. This happens all the time, which only adds additional stress to our lives

  1. Fascinated by all the gadgets and gizmos, we do not move much leading to an increase in pounds or weight gain

  2. Social media and the Internet have also been shown to shorten our attention spans, which we do not need, but the pharmaceuticals love

  1. Everyone is always glued to his or her phone. It is like they fear missing out on something. This can bring about anxiety and irritation that can flare up while simply skimming social media or talking on the phone

The best thing we can do for our families, children, and ourselves is to be aware of the amount of time we are spending on digital screens. We have the control to set boundaries that work and that are healthy. So let’s do it!