Simplify Your Life

Simplifying my Life this Year

My New Year resolution is to simplify my life. Owning your own business and taking care of a household can be quite challenging. I have a type A personality which can get real intense at times. I have had to learn that whatever does not get done can wait until tomorrow. I have this mental list of things that must get done. I am very organized and I like things very orderly. I think that is a good thing but I can be a little anal at times. Heck, being organized for me means less stress.

I am beginning to watch less and less TV. I hate looking at the world from such an unflattering lens. I definitely sleep better since I stopped looking at the news before going to bed. I am learning to enjoy and smell the essence of all of my essential oils. I am adding an extra day to my workout so now I am committing to 4 days instead of 2-3. I am learning to create more time for me. It feels magical to fully fill my lungs with air, exhale and see the beauty of God’s creation all around me.

I find that as I get older, I am taking a closer look at these so-called friends. This year is about re-evaluating friendships and associates. People in general can be draining with all of their issues or call you when they want something. Who needs friends like these in your atmosphere? People are needy and will wear you down if you let them. I have made a conscious decision to be around those that are uplifting and not only know their purpose in life but are trying to get there!

I give myself permission to rest more this year, to sing more this year, to smile more this year, to give someone else a kind word, to go with the flow and don’t react to everything. I will stay home more and relax. I will do something special for me once a month because I deserve it. I will learn to let go and let GOD since he knows the beginning from the end. After all that daily peace of mind is what I am after!