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The Amazing Power of Sprouts and their Safety

Sprouts are considered one of the best superfoods. They contain an abundance of nutrition in such a small package. Eating sprouts is like eating a little plant. They are the closest plant to the seed. Enzymes are lost when food is cooked. Sprouts however provide vital nourishment to our bodies. They contain potent enzymes and are high in vitamin and mineral content, as well as protein content and fiber content. They can be good for weight loss making you feel fuller. Sprouts are inexpensive, very easy to digest and alkalinizing to your body. You can grow them yourself. Very little equipment is needed. You can add them to any salad, soup, pasta dish or just simply snack on them.

We all know that there is not 100% safety with any food. That is why we as consumers have to take responsibility and educate ourselves by doing our homework. If the seed that is grown to be sprouted becomes contaminated, the sprouts can be a carrier of pathogenic bacteria. You must get your seeds from suppliers that are using good agricultural practices on their farm that prevent these pathogens from contamination. Testing the irrigation water the seeds are rinsed in after the seeds have sprouted is also very important to detect any of these harmful bacteria in which any contaminated batches can be thrown away.

Now that I have shared this knowledge, make responsible choices when selecting your seeds and don’t be afraid to let sprouts occupy an important part in your diet. Be In good health!

– Dr. Gail