Cognitive Function

5 Foods That Could Be Damaging Your Cognitive Function

1. Alcohol
Obviously too much alcohol is not good for you. It can have a degenerative effect on your brain, your head hurts and you feel horrible. Alcohol itself is a neurotoxin. In other words it kills brain cells. The damage becomes permanent and cannot be repaired when you drink excessively. We have heard that a glass of red wine daily can be very beneficial. Any damage here can be repaired by the body. But if you find yourself drinking a lot more keep in mind that when those brain cells die they don’t grow back again.

2. Refined Foods
These are one of the worst foods for your brain that we consume daily. The soda, white flour, white rice and white sugar are highly processed leaving no nutrition in them. These foods cause fluctuations in your blood sugar from low to high which causes imbalances in your brain chemicals. Our brains require a steady stream of fuel throughout the day to run optimally. Eating a lot of these refined foods gives your body a quick hit of sugar depriving you of energy making you lethargic, irritable and difficulty concentrating. It is best to avoid these foods and replace them with wholegrain alternatives.

3. Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Fats)
Hydrogenated fats are found in margarine, baked and fried foods, bread, salad dressings, cookies, cereals, frozen dinners and more. These artificial fats raise your triglycerides to a high level which harden your arteries increasing your risk of a stroke and/or a heart attack. Trans fats have to been linked to mental problems. Remove these fats from your diet and replace them with beneficial fats like organic extra virgin olive. Grass fed organic butter is a better choice than margarine.

4. Aspartame
Aspartame also known as Sweet and Low and Equal is a sweetening additive frequently added to diet food and diet sodas. This additive is a neurotoxin which has been banned in Europe and other countries. Most people do not realize the risk that it poses. It damages the nervous system and kills your brain cells worse than alcohol. So you must find something healthier to drink than sodas. Reading food labels becomes very important when you are shopping. By the way Splenda also know as Sucralose is no better and has a host of side effects.

5. Food Additives
Food additives are chemicals added to highly processed and refined food that people don’t even know they are eating. One of the worst is MSG used as a flavor enhancer. Its name has been disguised as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast, soy protein isolate, and many more. Reading those food labels is a must. MSG damages your hypothalamus leading to an increase in appetite. It also causes the pancreas to produce more insulin. There are many more food additives which are turning out to be harmful to the body. Eating more fresh foods is a better choice.