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    10 Ways to Boost Your Mood Naturally

    1. Get a good night’s sleep 2. Express gratitude daily 3. Find a quiet place and meditate 4. Think more positively 5. Exercise regularly 6. Make sunshine a part of your day 7. Use high quality essential oils daily 8. Choose healthier food options 9. …

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  • E3cropped1

    The Benefit of Pineapple

    Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. Once picked, a pineapple will not become sweeter, so if it lacks a scent, don’t buy it. Select a pineapple with a firm, plump body without bruising or soft spots and green leaves at the crown. For an …

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  • Shamrock E1425925842162

    The Real Meaning Behind St. Patrick’s Day

    The Real Meaning Behind “St. Patrick’s Day” St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity’s most widely known figures. The Irish have observed this day as a religious holiday for over a thousand years. St. Patrick was born as Maewyn Succat during …

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