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  • Immune System

    Do You Know How Your Immune System Really Works?

    God gave us this amazing system that identifies what naturally belongs in our body and what is foreign or harmful neutralizing and destroying it. From birth, immunity develops as the body matures and learns to identify and defend itself against theses foreign invaders. The immune …

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  • IMG 8177smallerandcropped

    What Motivated Me To Go Raw?

    Going on a diet of any kind was very weird to me because I have always been a size 4 or 6. I may not have had a weight issue but I sure had a sick and tired of being sick and tired issue. I …

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  • Cognitive Function

    5 Foods That Could Be Damaging Your Cognitive Function

    1. Alcohol Obviously too much alcohol is not good for you. It can have a degenerative effect on your brain, your head hurts and you feel horrible. Alcohol itself is a neurotoxin. In other words it kills brain cells. The damage becomes permanent and cannot …

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