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  • How I Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

    I think we can all agree that life is zooming by and full of more challenges than we have ever seen before. As a root canal specialist, I deal with people’s pain daily. I give so much of myself on a daily basis that I …

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  • No Gmo

    How familiar are you with GMOs?

    GMO, genetically modified organisms, refers to plants or organisms whose genetic material have been altered using modern genetic engineering technology. These genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are commonly used in the food industry to create plants and seeds that are not only resistant to certain …

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  • Essential Oils1

    Makeover your medicine cabinet with Essential Oils

    Let’s face it modern medicine is not cutting the mustard! There are much better alternatives that are natural AND they work! Modern medicine only treats symptoms, has numerous side effects, and is expensive. Although medicine comes from herbs, they are also loaded with synthetics making …

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