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    Are Essential Oils Safe Internally?

    ***It is very important that you do your own research on the quality of the oil. The essential oil needs to be a pure therapeutic grade. Some companies add solvents to their oils which is very toxic and not suggested for internal use. I love …

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  • Triease To Use

    How Can You Get Rid Of Those Spring Allergies Naturally? Answer: TriEase

    Allergy season is on and a lot of people struggle with allergies. TriEase contains three natural ingredients that strengthen respiratory health: 1) Lemon Peel: The lemon peel cleanses the body’s systems and frequently used for respiratory discomfort* 2) Lavender Flower: The lavender flower is renowned for its calming …

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  • Healthy Impact

    Essential Oils Versus Pharmaceuticals

    Essential Oils and Pharmaceuticals Compared Essential Oils Properties Natural, wild crafted, or grown organically Hundreds of constituents, not all known Never two batches the same Not patentable (God made) Effects and Consequences Restores natural function No adverse interactions Antiviral Improves intercellular communication Corrects and restores …

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