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Essential Oils Versus Pharmaceuticals

Essential Oils and Pharmaceuticals Compared

Essential Oils


  1. Natural, wild crafted, or grown organically

  2. Hundreds of constituents, not all known

  3. Never two batches the same

  4. Not patentable (God made)

Effects and Consequences

  1. Restores natural function

  2. No adverse interactions

  3. Antiviral

  4. Improves intercellular communication

  5. Corrects and restores proper cellular memory (DNA)

  6. Cleanses receptor sites

  7. Builds the immune system

  8. Emotionally balancing

  9. Side effects beneficial

  10. Leads toward independence and wellness


  1. Assumes wellness as natural state, invulnerable to illness

  2. Assumes body and mind capable of self-healing

  3. Integrated holistically, body, mind, and soul as a unit

  4. Builds natural defenses and let body deals with diseases

  5. Treats internally at level of cellular intelligence

  6. Theistic, historic roots in religion when healers were priests



  1. Unnatural, synthetic, chemically or genetically engineered

  2. One or two active ingredients, all of which are known

  3. Every batch is the same (Purity)

  4. Patentable (man-made)

Effects and Consequences

  1. Inhibits natural function

  2. Many adverse interactions

  3. Usually not antiviral

  4. Disrupts intercellular communication

  5. Garbles an confuses cellular memory

  6. Blocks receptor sites

  7. Depresses immune system

  8. Emotionally unbalancing

  9. Side effects harmful

  10. Leads toward dependence and chronic disease


  1. Assumes natural state prone and vulnerable to illness

  2. Assumes body and mind need external assistance to heal

  3. Fragmented, treats body parts, mind, and emotions separate

  4. Supplants natural defenses and attacks disease itself

  5. Treats externally at level of gross symptoms

  6. Secular, historic roots in materialism motivated by money

Source: Health Impact News