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Are Essential Oils Safe Internally?

***It is very important that you do your own research on the quality of the oil. The essential oil needs to be a pure therapeutic grade. Some companies add solvents to their oils which is very toxic and not suggested for internal use.

I love my essential oils. I use them internally, externally, topically and aromatically. Essential oils give plants their aroma and flavor. For thousands of years, humans have ingested plants in the form of food as well as plant parts and extracts as herbal health products and teas from leaves and flowers, which contain essential oils. Internal use of these oils cannot only be effective but safe when proper guidelines are followed.

The mucosa is designed to be protective; therefore essential oils can be safely used internally. When essential oils contact the mucosa, they are absorbed to some degree at the initial point of contact, but much of the oil will be continually diluted by the mucous. Oils first have an effect on local tissues. The local effect may be felt more strongly when applied internally compared to when applied to the skin because the nerves in the mucosa are closer to the surface and often more numerous.

When concentrated, essential oils can be used as internal supplements for more potent and targeted support. There has been much debate throughout the essential oil community in recent years surrounding internal use of essential oils. This is largely based on lack of awareness. Some essential oils are not recommended for internal use, therefore it is best used them aromatically or topically. Do your own research to see what is best for you and your family!

My Recommendation: Doterra Essential Oils or Young Living Essential Oils