Immune System

Do You Know How Your Immune System Really Works?

God gave us this amazing system that identifies what naturally belongs in our body and what is foreign or harmful neutralizing and destroying it. From birth, immunity develops as the body matures and learns to identify and defend itself against theses foreign invaders. The immune system is not a physical structure but a complex of interactions involving many different organ structures and substances. These include white bloods cells , bone marrow, appendix, tonsils, thymus, spleen, lymphatic vessels and organs and serum factors present inn the blood. They all work together to protect the body against infection and disease.

A healthy immune system not only defends against infectious diseases but can also prevent dreaded diseases such as cancer. If the body’s toxic load is kept under control and the immune system is strong , cancer is unlikely to develop. Our top priority should be how we can keep our immune system functioning at optimal health. This means getting the right nutrients, creating a healthy environment and avoiding those things that tend to depress our immunity like stress. A healthy environment means avoiding chemicals in household cleaners for example, being conscientious about pesticides and additives in the food we eat, overuse of antibiotics and exposure to environmental pollutants.

Stress is big in our culture today. I don’t think we realize how much stress can affect the immune system. It’s normal to feel stress but we cannot hold onto it. When we do a sequence of biochemical events suppress the normal activity of the white blood cells placing demands on the endocrine system depleting the body of needed nutrients. When this happens the healing ability of the body is impaired lowering the bodies defenses to fight against infection.

Things to ponder: Am I experiencing any of these common signs? Fatigue, repeated colds, allergic reactions, chronic diarrhea, slow wound healing, inflammation or little or no interest in anything. How will you promote proper immune function with the right nutrition? Will you think twice about removing your appendix or tonsils? We need every part of our body that God designed, it serves a purpose. How will you shop different? Will you finally take responsibility and educate yourself? Education is key. There is too much information available to remain in the dark. Let your body finally experience real health. You have the information at your fingertips!