My 10 Tips to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

1. Take time to plan your vacation. Planning out every detail is important. Look for suite hotels because they will have small kitchens. Google markets and restaurants in the area where you can buy fresh produce and enjoy healthy eating.

2. Make snacks or buy snacks ahead of time. Buy healthy snacks for the whole family even if you are the only one with a raw food lifestyle. Organization is really the key.

3. Save money by sending your blender and small citrus juicer to the hotel ahead of time to make your own fresh juices and smoothies. It is much cheaper than those baggage fees. I do this all the time!

4. Most people plan their vacation around the kids. Take care of your needs because they matter. So pick a destination everyone can enjoy and not feel cheated!

5. Don’t let your vacation give you an excuse to eat badly. Feeling tired and sluggish is not how you enjoy a vacation. You set yourself up for needing a vacation after your vacation which makes no sense. Eating responsibly helps your energy level greatly!

6. What a great time for your kids to learn and experience how their bodies feel when they eat healthy. I know you are on vacation but while you are sitting by the pool check in with everyone and note how they are feeling. No tummy aches is a huge plus on vacation!

7. Staying hydrated is so important especially with the high summer temperatures. Make sure you are drinking enough high quality water. You can add flavor to your water with high quality essential oils to help get all that water down!

8. You are on vacation so if you slip up and eat that one thing you shouldn’t don’t feel guilty, it is ok. Forgive yourself and move on.

9. Take a break from the computer and phone. It’s one thing if you are watching a movie but no business dealings. It is family time and your time!

10. Day to day our bodies are constantly going and our mind never seems to shut off. So get plenty of rest. You don’t have to see every tourist attraction. Your body will love you for it!