Raw Food Index of Nutrition

Raw Food Index of Nutrution

The 4 categories:
Recreational, Sensible, Superior, and Medicinal, all have a place in the raw food diet – unless you are in a healing period (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc).

Recreational Raw:

Recreational Raw includes raw food desserts or meals made with added sugars like agave, dates, or honey and are heavily nut based. Raw cakes, cookies, and ice creams are all examples of recreational raw.

Sensible Raw:

Sensible Raw includes a balance of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Sensible Raw does not follow proper food combining. Any meal that uses fruit automatically fits into this category (or
recreational). This could mean a large salad with added apple or kiwi, a smoothie with greens and fruit, or a nut based collard wrap.

Superior Raw:

These raw meals don’t use fruit and occasionally use fatty nuts. These meals are made up of vegetables, sprouts, sea vegetables and seeds. This could be a big hearty salad, raw pasta marinara, or cauliflower couscous. Superior Raw follows
proper food combining: meaning grains, fruit and proteins are never combined. Vegetables are neutral so eating protein and vegetables, and eating grains and vegetables are okay. But none can be eaten together. (Food combining gets more difficult than this when dealing with cooked food, sugars, and starches. But for our raw purposes this is the main principle). *

Medicinal Raw:

Medicinal Raw uses living or cultured foods, superfoods, or medicinal herbs and spices. All meals are properly combined and fruits are not eaten in a medicinal raw meal.

*There is a very thin line between medicinal raw and superior raw. The difference is the addition of medicinal foods like wheatgrass, sprouts, etc.


Source: The Raw Food Institute