What makes a good doctor/bad doctor?

What makes a good doctor/bad doctor?

  1. A heart of compassion
  2. Intelligent
  3. Knowledge of his/her field
  4. Ability to learn new things
  5. Little or no ego
  6. Good bedside manner
  7. Really interested in you and your problems
  8. Willing to refer you to a more qualified expert
  9. Willing to say “I don’t know” and then find th e answer

A Bad Doctor:

  1. Always right
  2. Argumentative
  3. Makes you wrong
  4. Won’t listen to you
  5. Spends little tim e with you
  6. Dispenses drugs without an understanding of the real problem
  7. Not interested in what you have to say
  8. Little compassion
  9. Poor bedside manner