Fun Food

Make Raw Food Appealing to Your Family

We are a lot like children. We eat first with our eyes. We say to ourselves: This food looks good! We get excited about what we see. Fruit is a raw food usually all people will eat. So how do we make fruit appealing!

~  Serve a huge fruit platter of berries

~  Serve a rainbow selection of fruits

~  Use a variety of shaped bowls

~  Cut fruit into a variety of shapes

~  Make fruit kebabs

~  Carve fruit into fun shapes

So how do we make vegetables appealing!

~  Make a colorful vegetable platter

~  Serve delicious dips with vegetable sticks

~  Try carving veggies into different shapes

So how do we make drinks appealing!

~  Make glasses available in different shapes, colors and sizes

~  Use straws that come in a variety of colors and patterns

~  Fill a jug with smoothie or juice

~  Ice cubes can be made from plain water or mixed with juice

~ Add lemon or a drop of your favorite essential oil to water