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  • Fun Food

    Make Raw Food Appealing to Your Family

    We are a lot like children. We eat first with our eyes. We say to ourselves: This food looks good! We get excited about what we see. Fruit is a raw food usually all people will eat. So how do we make fruit appealing! ~ …

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  • Salt2

    The Mystery of Refined Salt

    Salt has earned a bad reputation and people have learned to fear it! I grew up with my mom saying “I don’t want to put salt in my food because I have high blood pressure and salt is not good.” Many doctors warn their patients …

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  • Doterra Essential Oils

    Back-to-School with DoTERRA Essential Oils

      Having essential oils as a regular part of your child’s daily routine can not only help their health, but can also help boost their cognitive performance. Here are some tips on how to get your kids to use essential oils throughout the day: Morning: …

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