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  • HNY

    IT’S 2015…NOW WHAT?

    Whenever the New Year rolls around, it is time for us to re-evaluate our lives. I ask myself how can this year be a better year than last year. What new changes can I make to ensure a more prosperous and stress free year? We …

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  • 3 Kings

    The True Meaning of Christmas

    Jesus Christ was born this day So many years before He came a servant to the lost, Though he was Lord of Lords We celebrate this joyous time, Reflecting on His birth Not born in a mansion, but a stable As if He had no …

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  • Canola Oil

    Must Share by “Healthy Bliss”

    What is Canola Oil and why it’s is bad for you. You probably never really thought about canola oil and simply thought it was oil from canola, just like olive oil is from olives and sunflower oil is from sunflower seeds. That would make sense …

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