Whenever the New Year rolls around, it is time for us to re-evaluate our lives. I ask myself how can this year be a better year than last year. What new changes can I make to ensure a more prosperous and stress free year? We could all use the formula to this loaded question. To all those type A personalities like me, I am planning to not put pressure on myself when that mental list of things of the day don’t get done. How about turning my brain off an hour before I go to bed. I want to experience good restful REM sleep every night.

We all have clutter, whether it be in our homes or in our relationships. Holding onto things because we are afraid to throw it away maybe one day we may use it, probably not. Purging makes room for the new. People can be so draining that your atmosphere can feel cluttered. I find people, friends or relatives, are very needy and can really wear you out. I have a made a conscious decision to only be around those who are uplifting and trying to attain their purpose in life.

Sometimes we don’t spend enough time with ourselves. I feel it is important for us to carve out this time daily. I work so hard and I forget too be good to me. Doing something as simple as going for a walk. Being outside, filling my lungs with air, exhaling and seeing the beauty of God’s creation all around me is invigorating. Laughing and smiling releases endorphins, the “feel good hormones.” They relax the body, which contributes to a stronger immune system.

Taking control of your health physically and emotionally has to be taken very seriously this year for all of us. This means reading and seeking the proper education. Reading should start with food labels so you know what is in the food you are eating. When we think about weight loss, we tend to look for the best diet. All you need to do is to start to eat cleaner, by letting go of all the processed food, drink more water and add more raw into your diet and you will not only feel better but you will lose weight without even trying. Experiment with food in a new way and spend time chewing your food for better digestion.

Let’s take this New Year of 2015 by storm and make it the best year ever! HAPPY NEW YEAR!