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  • Strawberry

    Strawberry Almond Mylk

    Almond Mylk Preparation: 2 cups of organic raw almond (soaked overnight) 7 cups of spring or filtered water 1 tsp of vanilla extract 1 pinch of sea salt Soaking the almond removes the enzymes inhibitors. Rinse and drain. Blend all ingredients on high in a …

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  • Green Juice

    Green Juice Therapy

    Green juice is incredibly healing! My body craves it! I have to make time daily in my morning schedule to make my green juice. The benefits are amazing! I have abundant energy. My head feels clear making me very focused. I have also noticed how …

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  • Green Smoothie

    The Benefits of a Green Smoothie

    According to McKel from Nutrition Stripped “The Benefits of a Green Smoothie” 1. Easy to digest! Because the raw/frozen fruits and raw greens have been blended, the cell walls where nutrients are encased, are then “broken”. Blending essentially makes the nutrients more readily available for …

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