Green Juice

Green Juice Therapy

Green juice is incredibly healing! My body craves it! I have to make time daily in my morning schedule to make my green juice. The benefits are amazing! I have abundant energy. My head feels clear making me very focused. I have also noticed how it has enhanced my moods.

When I first started juicing, I did not like the detox part of it. The cleaning out of all the built up waste within my cells and getting all the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes was something my body had never experienced before. I just had to keep telling myself “This is good for me!” Sometimes it gets worse before you get better, just hang in there!


3 organic cucumbers

8 stalks organic celery

3 cups of sprouts

3 cups of dark leafy greens

1 lemon, peel removed

4 cloves of peeled garlic

4 inches of ginger

Happy juicing!