Cheers to the New Year “2016”

Well, it’s another year. After the party favors, champagne, and fireworks, now what? There is twinge of sadness when Christmas passes relieved by the prospect of a New Year the next week. I am sure that many of you, like me, take advantage of the slow and peaceful days between Christmas and the New Year, to quietly reflect on the preceding twelve months. Doing so offers us an opportunity to consider what went well, and just as importantly perhaps even more so what didn’t.

While I have made changes all throughout the year, there’s something refreshing and definitive about resolving to make changes at the beginning of a brand-new year. You get a clean slate, a time to start fresh and begin anew! Are you still making those New Year resolutions? I stopped making them about 10 years ago because I never stuck with them. Instead I get clear on my values and my visions, set dreams, follow them and never give up!

I can’t wait to see what shifts and changes 2016 brings. We live in a world where everything moves so quickly so use this opportunity to pause and re-evaluate. Strive to better yourself by accomplishing realistic and achievable goals. However, don’t force your goals when the time isn’t right. The New Year might feel like a great time to take a stand, but you’re better served waiting until you are more fully committed. No pressure! Be good and kind to yourself this year!

My wish for all of you is a safe and prosperous New Year! Cheers!