It’s Time to Detox From All of the Holiday Treats

Now that the holidays are over, we look at our waistlines and wonder what happened. We are quickly reminded of all the sweet treats in our presence at our workplace. No one wants to deprive themselves of those delicious holiday goodies, but with so many tasty treats around, it’s hard not to overindulge. It’s no surprise you feel sluggish after all that holiday eating, drinking and partying.

It’s important to note that detoxing doesn’t mean starving. You have to remove the bad toxins, keep the good bacteria, and fill the freed spaces with nutrients. Start the New Year fresh by giving your liver a much deserved cleanse and detoxing the rest of your body while you’re at it. By detoxing we can help rid some of these toxins and feel rejuvenated. Our digestive system is complex, hard working and delicate at the same time so it is good to give our system a little break.


Upon Wakening: Drink a pint of clean purified water and throughout the day.

Breakfast Juice Recipe:

1 peeled red grapefruit

3 apples red or green organic apples

2 sticks of organic celery

2 organic carrots without carrot tops

½ bag of organic spinach

Lunch Juice Recipe:

3 or 4 whole organic kale leaves Green Juice

1 peeled lemon

½ organic cucumber

1 stick of organic celery

4 organic carrots without carrot tops

A small piece of organic ginger

3 green or red organic apples

A small bunch of parsley

**This green juice gives us energy. The apples and carrots make it really delicious and sweet.

Evening Juice Recipe:

1 organic beetroot

1 organic apple

1 organic cucumber

**This is a very simple but effective liver cleanse juice. You may need to use a small beetroot if you find you cannot tolerate it because it can be very detoxifying.