All In One Soap

How Cool Is This?

Have you ever heard of an all-in-one bar that has all natural ingredients? I didn’t think so! Good products are so hard to find and trust. These products by “Radiantly You” are safe for you, your family and your whole body. They use all non- toxic and chemical free ingredients.

On your baby’s skin — this soap bar is so gentle and contains the simplest of ingredients it’s safe for your smallest babies and kids. You can spend loads and loads of money on commercial “safe” baby soaps, washes and shampoos…or you could spend less than 9 dollars for all three of those things in one! Really, we think this is a total no brainer.

As a shaving soap — the lather this all-in-one bar works up is soft, clean and provides an excellent shaving surface. Works great on legs, face, under-arms. Men and women, now you’ll be sharing more than the remote!

Give your pet a bath — ok yes, trying to give your dog a bath is normally a huge pain, but it has to be done! Especially because it is flea and tick season! What better way to keep your little loved ones clean and safe by using this all-natural, gentle soap?!

As deodorant — if you happen to run out of Radiantly You’s all natural, always toxic and chemical free deodorant and you need a quick replacement just rub a little under each arm. Keep dry and worry free knowing that your body is completely safe with these natural ingredients.

Condition without conditioner — after shampooing with the bar, you’ll hair will feel so soft and clean, you won’t even feel the need to moisturize and condition.

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