Happy Eating2

How Happy Do You Feel Currently About the Way You Eat?

Answer the following questions on scale from 1-5, with 1 being “not at all,” 3 being “sometimes” and 5 being “all the time”.

1. Does your eating routine suit the amount of time, money and effort you are prepared to put into it?
2. Do you love everything that you eat?
3. Do you gain pleasure from your food?
4. From a nutritional standpoint, are you happy with the food choices that you make?
5. Do you know what is in your food making you confident about eating it?
6. Do you only eat for hunger related reasons?
7. Do you purchase food for reasons other than emotion-led ones?
8. Are you in tune with your body to know what foods are good for you?
9. Do you only eat foods that you know are food for you?
10. Do you take time to source and buy yourself the best foods that
you can?
11. Do you try new foods at least once a month?
12. Is your diet varied and diverse?
13. If you don’t know if something is good for you, will you find out?
14. Do you proactively educate yourself about food and nutrition?
15. Do you enjoy food with friends as long as it feels good to you?

**It is possible to score 75 but highly unlikely. What do you see as the biggest problem that prevents your score from being at least 65? Remember every moment you spend contemplating your diet will be a moment that will pay you back handsomely for the rest of your life!